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Dominical Beach Beach

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Dominical is a long beach of sedimentary sand of brownish tones with good waves to go surfing, specially on the nearby beach called Dominicalito. Swimmers have to be careful about the rip-tides when the tide goes down. One can reach Dominical in two ways. Either coming from San Isidro de El General also called Pérez Zeledón (35 km) or from Quepos (40 km). If you like to ride a horse, one can reach the two famous 65 m Nauyaca waterfalls, whose waters fall into a small lagoon. If you like snorkelling go at low tide to the Dominicalito Beach to see the coral rocks

Information for Surfers:
Good strong and very fun rippable beach break with lefts and rights for all abilities of surfer. The scattered beach break peaks along the 1.5 km long beach. Very fun waves up to a little overhead, it closes out when it gets bigger than that. On the north end of the beach, in front of the Barú river mouth it is a little bigger and more current. Be careful with the rocks during low tide. Most people surf in front of the cabinas. At the south end of the beach you'll find Roca Verde, a little smaller but cleaner and with less people, but since the beach of Dominical is large, it never really gets crowded.

Playa Dominical Costa Rica BeachPlaya Dominical Costa Rica Beach
Playa Dominical Costa Rica BeachPlaya Dominical Costa Rica Beach