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Playa Iguanita Beach

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The coastline of Playa Iguanita Beach is dry during the summer (December-April), but as green as any other part of Costa Rica during the rest of the year. It enjoys a very healthy climate of dry heat with an average annual temperature of 27,5°C. There are clear skies and high, brilliant sun. To the northwest and southeast of this beach, which is 1,5 km. long, there are rocky platforms at the base of the cliffs that are exposed at low tide.

This is an unusually beautiful beach with grey sands bathed by the blue waters of Culebra Bay. It is located between dead and active cliffs, and 24 hectares of mangrove swamp. The access to the beach is from Liberia to Guardis (20 km.), crossing the bridge over the River Tempisque and continuing 500 meters to the second right-hand turning. There is a sign at the end, 3 km. before Hacienda La Culebra. The distance between Guardia and Iguanita is 17 km. (During rainy season the beach may not be accessible)

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Playa Iguanita Costa Rica BeachPlaya Iguanita Costa Rica Beach
Playa Iguanita Costa Rica BeachPlaya Iguanita Costa Rica Beach