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Playa Islita Beach

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The tiny but exceptionally beautiful beach of Islita is located between Camaronal Beach to the west and Bejuco Beach to the east about 13 km southwest of Playa Carrillo Beach. The terrain is composed of hills of volcanic origin , deep river canyons and steep cliffs.

Islita and Corozalito Beach are separated by towering cliffs of volcanic rock that are 80 million years old and constantly sculpted by the sea. Islita, is only 1 km long, lies in a small cove watered by two streams that form tiny estuaries (suitable for bathing in the summer). Leatherback and hawksbill turtles nest sometimes at Islita, mainly during the month of October.

The road that connects Islita with Corozalito is very picturesque. It wanders through wooded hills, 140 meters above sea level, which afford views of brilliant red sunsets, just before the sun slips behind the coastal range. At Barranquilla Ranch, it is not unusual to see armadillos, howler monkeys and their babies and white-nosed coatis, as well as magpie jays and different species of hawk, woodpeckers and parakeets.

The pounding surf that battles the coast has formed abraded cliffs and platforms where at low tide there are tidal pools and exposed rocks that serve as temporary shelter for brightly coloured fish, sea urchins, nerites, chitons, choras, caricacos and other invertebrates.

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Playa Islita Costa Rica BeachPlaya Islita Costa Rica Beach
Playa Islita Costa Rica BeachPlaya Islita Costa Rica Beach