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Playa Naranjo Beaches, Witch's Rock

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Puntarenas / Guanacaste Costa Rica

There are two different Playas Naranjo. One is a tiny village which is also the terminal of the Puntarenas car ferry. the beach there is not very exciting. Most passengers continue on to Nicoya by bus.

The other Playa Naranjo is part of the Santa Rosa National Park and offers on of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica called Witch's Rock and is considered on of the most famous breaks in the country.

Information for Surfers:
Witch's Rock is well known for its fast hollow rights, but when it is smaller the lefts are good also. Surfing is best during high tide. Avoid it during dead low tide. Off-shore winds are predominant during December to March. This is a beautiful and remote area. One must go to this wilderness spot prepared for camping and with a mosquito net, because there are no facilities. At playas del Coco there is place called Witch's Rock Surf Camp with their own boat. If you go by boat, there is Ollies Point on the way which can get as good as Witch's Rock. So if you travel alone or are less than 6 people you can still get there with the others from the camp.

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Playa Naranjo Costa Rica BeachPlaya Naranjo Costa Rica Beach
Playa Naranjo Costa Rica BeachPlaya Naranjo Costa Rica Beach