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Playa Panamá Beach

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This protected dark-sand beach is one of the best swimming beaches in the area. About 3 km north of Playa Hermosa, this social rural beach, scattered with campers and toddlers (lately officials try to prohibit camping there) splashing in the shallows, used to be the end of the road.

But now facing it from across the bay are the beginnings of a massive condo colonization - the huge and controversial Papagayo Project, which aims to put a large number of luxury hotels, (like the Four Seasons Hotel with its several thousand Dollar rates per night - by the way, we don't carry it on our web-site), condominiums, and villas in the hitherto almost deserted area surrounding Bahía de Culebra, the most protected large bay on the peninsula.

As many as 15,000 rooms plus golf course (already exists) are planned in this development. Several lawsuits were brought, charging among other things, embezzlement and corruption among top-level government including the former Minister of Tourism. the project is rolling on despite the legal wrangling.

To get to Playa Panamá take the route Liberia-Sardinal-Playas del Coco-Playa Hermosa-Playa Panamá (41kms). In the sea waters that accompany the coastline of 2,5 km of extension, there is an abundance of fishes and different types of seabirds. The climate is hot and dry from November to April and hot and humid the rest of the year. The beach is surrounded mainly by sarno, brazilwood, manchineel and mesquite. There is a small mangrove swamp in the Rocha estuary. The hills present patches of dry forest where several cetaceous plants can be observed.

Playa Panamá Costa Rica BeachPlaya Panamá Costa Rica Beach
Playa Panamá Costa Rica BeachPlaya Panamá Costa Rica Beach