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Playa Santa Teresa Beach

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When you arrive in Paquera with the Puntarenas ferry you'll have to drive about 40 to the town of Cóbano. From there go in the direction to Mal País. After another 10 km you'll reach the road that goes parallel to the beach turn right and after about 2 more kilometres you'll have Playa Santa Teresa at you left. It has a beautiful white to greyish sand beach and also lots of rocks with small pools where one can sit in the water and observe small creatures from the ocean. The beaches southern limit is the Arios Rock and extends to the north up to the Playa Carmen, both of them rocky hilltops. It has moderate to strong waves suitable for surfing.

Information for Surfers:
Surfing at nearby Santa Teresa: Here yoy will find a regional classic left and right breaks and beach breaks with hollow fast power between 50 and 150 m long. The bottom is sandy. The Swell starts working at less than 1m and holds up to 2 m, rising low and mid tide in Northwest and Southwest directions, with wind direction from the West. Santa Teresa is surfable for any surfers.

QNAMEQ Costa Rica Nature ParkQNAMEQ Costa Rica Nature Park
QNAMEQ Costa Rica Nature ParkQNAMEQ Costa Rica Nature Park