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Playa Tamarindo Beach

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Instead of going north from Huacas to Brasilito, Conchal, Potrero and Flamingo Beaches, you can go south to Tamarindo Beach. Along the last 1.5 km of the beach you'll find the village Tamarindo. Both commercial fishing and tourism are of economic importance here, though you'll see far more surfers than fishers wandering around the village. The beach extends for two kilometres between Punto San Francisco on the South and Matapalo River Estuary, exactly at the southern limit of las Baulas Marine National Park. It is a place made up of large extensions of clear sand beaches surrounded by Svannah Oak, Tamarindo and Coconut trees.

Tamarindo has quite an infrastructure with a bank, a hardware store, lots of restaurants, real estate agencies, hotels, bars, discos, souvenirs, surf shops, and small grocery stores. Its a good destination for anyone that wants to fish, surf, kayak, dive, snorkel or boat.

Both surfing and windsurfing are good, and there is a wildlife refuge and marine national park nearby. The beach is large enough that nonsurfers can still find quiet streches. Parts of the beach have rip currents or barely submerged rocks, so make local inquiries before swimming. This beach has good access to public transportation and is bustling with small scale development. During the dry month, specially February winds can make the beach a bit gritty.

Tamarindo's combination of attractions is well served with accommodations, and equipment rentals, all of interest to nonsurfers here to enjoy village, beach life, or nearby refuges. However, Tamarindo is definitely a surfer town. Except for the global village flavour of the tattoos and the smaller sharper boards, you might think you'd walked into California in the 1950s. There are good waves at the river estuary north of town and at Playa Grande across the estuary. There's some surfing right off Playa Tamarindo, but the rocks make for limited space. Playa Langosta, a couple of kilometres south of Tamarindo, is a favourite uninhabited surfing beach. Sea kayaking is also good. About 6 km to 7 km farther south is Playa Avellana.

Information for Surfers:
Tamarindo has two main points: Pico Pequeño a rocky point in front of the Hotel Tamarindo Diriá and the excellent river mouth break called El Estero.

Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica BeachPlaya Tamarindo Costa Rica Beach
Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica BeachPlaya Tamarindo Costa Rica Beach