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Playa Tambor Beach

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Playa Tambor Beach is protected by Bahía Ballena (Whale Bay), the largest bay on the southern peninsula coastline. Ballena Bay traverses a scenic mosaic of great contrasts from the blue coastal waters beneath swooping and diving seabirds, to the lush littoral woodland, to the sere grasses of the hills thick with corozo palms, to the green pastures of the little alluvial valleys. The beach begins about 8 km southwest of the village of Tambor - they're divided by a narrow and wad able estuary of the Río Pánica that connects to the Pochote Beach

The calm beach is safe for swimming, and whales are sometimes sighted in the bay. The best route to Playa Pochote is to take the Paquera ferry-boat from Puntarenas and from there drive to Playa Pochote. The beach is set amid hills of volcanic origin dotted with trees, rock platforms and the River Pánica, which separates it from Pochote Beach. Text partly by Lonely Planet.

Playa Tambor Costa Rica BeachPlaya Tambor Costa Rica Beach
Playa Tambor Costa Rica BeachPlaya Tambor Costa Rica Beach