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The 8 Point Formula for Anti-Aging

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You Can Live Longer Than You Think You Will

Since good health helps make a happy retiree, I'll continue to dwell on it. Life expectancy in Costa Rica is the highest in Latin America and surpasses even that in many of the more developed nations. Considering this, I thought it would be interesting to ask a few persons, who are well over 80 and others 90 or more in Costa Rica, to tell me what they deemed they had done or how they had lived to accomplish this. The result of my short and very informal survey produced very similar findings as those arrived at by specialists dealing with old-age. The following points are probably very familiar to you, but it won't hurt repeating them here.

Helpful Advice

1 Exercise, move-it's always free. This maintains your respiratory and cardiovascular function. It improves digestion, prevents depression, reduces insomnia, and promotes better bowel function.

2 Drink plenty of water and other fluids daily.

3 Maintain a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Reduce intake of fatty foods.

4 Try to avoid too much exposure to the sun.

5 My mother-in-law, who died at 95 here in San José maintained her beautiful milk-white skin free of wrinkles. She had always made it a point to stay out of the hot sun.

6 Keep active, think positively and reduce stress. There's also always time to learn new skills. Believe in your ability and maintain strong social support.

7 Try to make new friends and cultivate relationships which give you satisfaction. Keep in close touch with your family. Sexual activity and positive social interaction are important.

8 From time to time have a doctor check your general health. Use medicines or drugs as prescribed. You probably have your own formula for keeping well. Take advantage of the many good specialized doctors available in Costa Rica.

We all want to live longer and especially if we're retired and look to the future with optimism and vigour. So, let's put particular emphasis on our health. Friends and relatives will also appreciate it. And your life will be a happier one in your new retirement home, Costa Rica.

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