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22 - A Place That Accepts All Races
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Wrapping It All Up

For many years the country has been attracting a great number of retirees from abroad. And after the New York terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, the number has considerably increased. But finding greater peace alone should not be the only factor to take into account when time comes for making a decision of where to retire.

The retiree should also consider many other factors, traditions, and reputation of the country, stature of its democracy, climate, cost of living, friendliness of the people, cultural and healthcare facilities, importance given the environment, closeness to needed services, and easy accessibility to beaches and mountains, plus the availability of good international transportation facilities. In all these and other points, Costa Rica scores high.

Although the Ticos still consider themselves to be quite different in their nature and character from the peoples of the other Latin American countries, the continuous globalization process and exposure to other cultures have been causing some cultural changes which are not of the best. Unfortunately, it's apparent that the Tico is gradually losing part of his identity. Nonetheless, despite the adoption of certain customs from abroad, Costa Rica is still considered to be unique in its national personality and that, plus the country's reputation of being a politically safe haven and a land of peace, beauty and opportunity, keep immigration growing.

While not all immigrants are good ones, many of the ones that have arrived to date are supplying badly needed labour in both physical and intellectual pursuits. Most have successfully integrated themselves into the Tico way of life and are helping to produce national wealth. Some of the retirees who are financially better off establish their own businesses which make a further contribution to the country's welfare. All immigrants, whether investors or not, spend much of their money buying domestically all of the goods and services they need. And that's good for the country.

Therefore, because of the numerous benefits they give to the country, Costa Rica welcomes well-meaning foreign retirees and other immigrants. But before you decide to locate in the country, study others, compare and see which ones interest you most and finally, pick the one you consider to be the best for you and your family. I still believe Costa Rica is the best deal, but it's up to you to decide.

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