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Ways to Adjust to Your New Life

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Keep active is the advice gerontologists and psychologists give to keep depression away and enlighten one's spirit. Many activities help keep the mind alert and enthusiasm at top level. The following are merely some of which you might consider to undertake.

Don't Say Your Work Is All Done

Many of the happy retirees I've talked with seem to agree that you should never finish everything you plan to do. Always leave something ahead, something yet to be done. They all seem to understand and agree that it is anticipation; something waiting to be done by us that keeps us alive. They feel that day by day we ought to whittle away at what needs doing, but if we are wise we always will keep something ahead yet to be done. They advise never to get to the point where you are "all thru". There is a joy in having something ahead to be done. Having all things finished, complete, not to be changed is deadly. The retirees also said that you should not stand around waiting for nothing at all. "Don't just kill your spare time nor have nothing unfinished to lure you to life. Always keep some adventure ahead to challenge your mind and your talent".

A Few Ways To Keep Busy

Starting a collection l Raising birds or small animals for fun / profit l Developing a hobby Painting l Gardening l Visiting the market l Going shopping l Going to church * Going window shopping at the several malls l Taking dancing lessons l Learning to play piano or another instrument l Doing crossword puzzles l Reading novels and books on self-help l Sending e-mails to friends l Writing letters to friends l Playing the local lottery l Starting a small business of your own l Taking short trips to the beach or countryside l Eating out on week-ends l Watching television l Participating in community affairs l Going bowling or playing golf l Watching soccer games at the stadium or softball at La Sabana l Watching birds l Undertaking nature studies l Reading specialized magazines of interest to you. The list is too numerous to mention.

I'm sure you'll discover many other activities not mentioned here mid that meet your liking and abilities. A happy retiree doesn't stay in bed all day, remain for hours watching television, or fail to do something to keep active and enthusiastic. Do something all the time, even if it's only taking a short siesta after midday. This formula of doing something everyday works wonders no matter where you live. To stay mentally sharp you need to work your mental muscles every day. To stay physically well, exercise daily too.

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