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Where to Live in Costa Rica

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Easy to Find Help and Live Comfortably

Some persons tend to measure their standard of living solely in concrete, very material terms such as the size and make of their cars and appliances. They forget that the size of the house does not give them a true measure of its physical comfort. In Costa Rica foreigners can live comfortably with less than they would in their American, European or Asiatic homelands. This has been said before.

To find the amenities of life you want for yourself in your new homeland you must search carefully for them by talking with other persons, reading the ads in the newspapers, and mixing locally. You can find houses and apartments for rent in nice suburban areas and in the countryside by diligently searching and enlisting the help of bi-lingual real estate brokers. It costs you no money. The owner of the property pays the broker. House-rentals range anywhere from three hundred to three thousand dollars a month. The price depends mainly on the exclusiveness of the area, size of the property, or convenience and closeness to transportation facilities, schools, supermarkets, churches, malls and cultural and recreation opportunities.

You can hire a maid for a minimum of $200 a month to do the clothes washing, cooking, and house cleaning. Whether she is to live-in and stay in your home's service quarters or come to work daily from her house is a matter for you to decide. Sometimes, and if time permits, they can even do a few extras for you as gardening, washing your car, buying food at a nearby store or going on an errand. But in all cases, don't hard drive your domestic or other servers. Be humane and they will very likely respond positively.

In recent years many Costa Rican girls, who in the past might have taken on housework for others, are now entering other types of labour as going to work in factories or offices. Many of the ones from rural areas, who in the past would ordinarily come to the city to serve in homes as domestics, are now trying to get an education and attend school. The vacuum being left by Costa Rican women in the housework field is currently being filled mostly by immigrant Nicaraguans and Salvadorans. Many of these also do good work and are trustworthy.

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