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Sex and Romance

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Finding Love Is No Problem in Costa Rica

Single men and widowers, who are serious and want to find companionship and romance on a good moral basis, will find Costa Rica to be a lover's paradise since there's certainly no scarcity of beautiful, nice Ticas. And they can be found practically everywhere-in offices, stores, beaches, family parties, club meetings, sports events, even in church at Sunday mass. You name it. To meet and get to know them depends on who introduces you, or on a do-it-yourself basis, how you approach them and manage the acquaintance and eventual friendship. Many courtships between expatriates and Ticas have risen and ended in happy marriages which endured for years until one of the spouses expired. Having a good wife or husband is like having won the top prize of the lottery. But don't tell too many people about it. Someone might steal your treasure.

Costa Rican women, whether young or old, have a special liking for foreigners-practically any man that speaks with a foreign accent, and if he's an American, more so. They consider an extranjero (a foreigner) to be un buen partido (a good catch) and will tell their parents and friends how they lo pescaron (fished or caught him).

There's a belief that country girls make better wives than those from the city, but this belief can really work both ways. Many wives are still submissive to their husbands and most will remain faithfully at his side as long as he offers them love, respect and economic stability. But, of course, not all men appreciate a submissive wife and some prefer one who is dominant. To this day, no one has said the final word on preferences.

Mixed marriages are more common now than they were years ago and many have been very successful. Interracial ones seldom occur in the country but some have endured. Rural girls seem to work harder especially at home than those reared in the city and are said to make better wives, but this is not always true. Many single expatriates, rent an apartment, hire a maid, and before long end up marrying her with a divorce following soon after. In many cases the woman wasn't even good looking. For possibilities of a more enduring marriage, I would suggest the expatriate to widen his search horizon and not go for the first thing in sight.

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