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Most of the 15 duck species are uncommon

Of the 15 duck species recorded in Costa Rica, most are uncommon to rare, or winter migrants from North America. As in other Neotropical countries, ducks and geese are under-represented bird-families.

The most common is the black-bellied whistling-duck (pijije común; Dendrocygna autumnalis), which favors the pacific lowlands. It stands rather than swims, and has a rusty-brown body with a black belly, whitish wing stripe, reddish feet and bill, and grey-brown face. Also seen fairly often is the Muscovy duck (pato real; Cairina moschata), which is a large Neotropical duck with a glossy greenish-black body and white wing patches. the most common winter migrant is the blue-winged teal (cerceta aliazul; Anas discors).

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