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Harpy Eagle

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Harpy Eagle a bird of pray

These include hawks, eagles, kites, falcons, caracaras and the osprey,all of which hunt for food and are collectively called raptors. About 50 species have been recorded in Costa Rica, and many are hard to tell apart because of similar plumage and flight. Being hunters, they rely on stealth and speed, which makes them hard to observe closely; identification is difficult without binoculars. Raptors are, however common throughout the country. Harpy Eagles are among the most frequently seen and easily identified ones.

The harpy eagle (águila arpía; Harpia harpyja) a spectacular meter-long eagle, was until recently, widespread in Costa Rica's primary forests but has become almost extinct because of deforestation. It flies strongly and acrobatically through the forest canopy, snatching sloth and monkeys while on the wing! A few reportedly survive in the Corcovado area.

Pictures by Angela and Jörn Malek. The team of Discovery Travel World wishes you the best of times in our little paradise called Costa Rica.

Text by Lonely Planet.

Picture 1, Harpy Eagle, Costa RicaPicture 2, Harpy Eagle, Costa Rica
Picture 3, Harpy Eagle, Costa RicaPicture 4, Harpy Eagle, Costa Rica