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Mammals, Mamíferos, Säugetiere

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A list of Mammals, Mamíferos, Säugetiere
found around Hacienda Barú

Visit the riches of Hacienda Barú and you will understand the need to conserve forests. Hacienda Barú consists of: primary and secondary very humid tropical rainforest, mangroves, river and beach habitats. Sharing the natural riches with guests allows them to conserve what they have and promote conservation with their neighbors.

Hacienda Barú's forests have been protected for 20 years. Recently, their conservation efforts were rewarded by being formally declared a National Wildlife Refuge by the President of Costa Rica. That means that they have a management plan based on an environmental impact study and regulated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy (MINAE). At present, their ecological restoration efforts involve connecting most of the parcels of lowland forest by allowing approximately 100 acres of pasture to regenerate into a forest corridor.

Hacienda Barú is also working to connect its forests to an ecological corridor that will traverse the coastal mountain range in our region. This project is being run by ASANA, a local conservation association, whose offices are located in the old ranch house. Donations are welcome!

Text Angela and Jörn Malek pictures by ICT, Instituto Costarricense de Tourismo and Jörn Malek. The team of 1-CostaRicaLink wishes you the best of times in our little paradise called Costa Rica.


English Name

Scientific Name

Nombre en Español  


  Wooly Opossum   Caluromys derbianus   Zorro de Balsa
  Common Opossum   Didelphis marsupialis   Zorro Pelón
  Gray Four-eyed Opossum   Philander opossum   Zorro de Cuatro Ojos


  Northern Anteater   Tamandua mexicana   Oso Hormiguero
  Silky Anteater   Cyclopes didactylus   Serafin de Platanar


  Three-toed Sloth   Bradypus variegatus   Perezoso
  Two-toed Sloth   Choloepus hoffmanni   Perico Ligero


  Nine-banded Armadillo   Dasypus novemcinctus   Cuzuco


  Long-nosed Bat   Rhynchonycteris naso   (Insect Eating)
  White-lined Sac-winged Bat   Saccoptryx bilineata   (Insect Eating)


  Greater Bulldog Bat   Noctilio leporinus   (Insect Eating)


  Mustached Bat   Pteronotus parnellii   (Insect Eating)


  Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat   Artibeus jamaicensis   (Fruit Eating)
  Allen's Short-tailed Bat   Carollia castanea   (Fruit Eating)
  Seba's Short-tailed Bat   Carollia perspicillata   (Fruit Eating)
  Pygmy Fruit-eating Bat   Dermanura phaeotis   (Fruit Eating)
  Common Vampire Bat   Desmodus rotundus   (Blood Eating)
  Pallas' Long-tongued Bat   Glossophaga soricina   (Nectar Eating)
  Little Large-eared Bat   Micronycteris minuta   (Insect Eating)
  Schmidt's Large-eared Bat   Micronycteris schmidtorum   (Insect Eating)
  Large-eared Forest Bat   Micronycteris sylvestris   (Insect Eating)
  Pale Spear-nosed Bat   Phyllostomus discolor   (Fruit Nectar Insects)
  Big Spear-nosed Bat   Phyllostomus hastatus   (Fruit Nectar Insects)
  Yellow-shouldered Bat   Sturnira lilium   (Fruit Eating)
  Round-eared Bat   Tonatia silvicola   (Insects Fruit)
  Fringe-lipped Bat   trachops cirrhosus   (Frog Eating)
  Tent-making Bat   Uroderma bilobatum   (Fruit Eating)
  Yellow-eared Bat   Vampyressa nymphae   (Fruit Eating)
  Heller's Broad-nosed Bat   Vampyrops helleri   (Fruit Eating)
  False Vampire Bat   Vampyrum spectrum   (Birds Rodents Bats)


  Silver-tipped Myotis   Myotis c.f. albescens   (Insect Eating)


  White-faced Capuchin Monkey   Cebus capuchinus   Mono Cariblanco


  Coyote   Canis latrans   Coyote


  Northern Racoon   Procyon lotor   Mapachín
  Crab-eating Racoon   Procyon cancrivorus   Mapache
  Kinkajou (Honey Bear)   Potos flavus   Martilla
  Coati   Nasua narica   Pizote
  Olingo   Bassaricyon gabbii   Olingo


  Southern River Otter   Lutra longicaudis   Nutria
  Long-tailed Weasel   Mustela frenata   Comadreja
  Grison   Malictis vittata   Grisón
  American Skunk   Mephitis macroura   Mofeta
  Amazonian Skunk   Conepatus semistriatus   Zorro Hediondo
  Tyra   Eira barbara   Tolomuco


  Puma   Felis concolor   Puma
  Jaguarundi   Felis yagouaroundi   Leon Breñero
  Ocelot   Felis pardalis   Manigordo
  Margay   Felis weidii   Caucel


  Hump-backed Whale   Megaptera novaeanglia   Ballena
  Pilot Whale   Globicephala macrorhyncha   Ballena Piloto
  Dolphin   Various species   Delfín


  White-tailed Deer   Odocoileus virginianus   Venado


  Red-tailed Squirrel   Sciurus granatensis   Ardilla
  Variegated Squirrel   Sciurus variegatoides   Chiza
  Dwarf Squirrel   Microsciurus alfari   Chiza Pigmeo


  Giant Pocket-Gopher   Orthogeomys sp.   Taltuza


  Hispid Cotton Rat   Sigmodon hispidus   Rata Algodonera
  House Mouse   Mus musculus   Ratón Común


  Hairy Porccupine   Coendou mexicanus   Puerco Espín


  Paca   Agouti paca   Tepezcuintle
  Agouti   Dasyprocta punctata   Guatusa


  Collared Peccary   Tayassu tajacu   Sahíno

Picture 1, Mammals, Mamíferos, Säugetiere, Costa RicaPicture 2, Mammals, Mamíferos, Säugetiere, Costa Rica
Picture 3, Mammals, Mamíferos, Säugetiere, Costa RicaPicture 4, Mammals, Mamíferos, Säugetiere, Costa Rica