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Palm Trees

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This is a list of some of the palm trees of the garden of Hacienda Barú. It contains mostly native species.

  Common Name, Nombre    Scientific Name     Family  
  Coyol   Acrocomia vinifera   Arecaceae
  Pejivalle, Peachnut Palm   Bactris gasipaes   Arecaceae
  Uvita, Viscoyol   Bactris spp.   Arecaceae
  Cola de Gallo, Rooster Tail Palm   Calyptrogyne sp.   Arecaceae
  Palma de Sombrero, Hat Palm   Carludovica plamata   Cyclanthaceae
  Coco, Coconut Palm   Cocos nucifera   Arecaceae
  Caña de Indio, Indian Cane   Cordyline terminalis   Liliaceae
  Palma Jardinera, Garden Cycad   Cycas revoluta   Cycadaceae
  Split-leafed Cyclanthus   Cyclanthus bipartitus   Cyclanthaceae
  Rattan Palm   Desmoncus sp.   Arecaceae
  Corozo, Native Oil Palm   Elaeis oleifera   Arecaceae
  Súrtuba   Geonoma sp.   Arecaceae
  Palma Real, Royal Palm   Scheelea rostrata   Arecaceae
  Chonta, Walking Palm   Socratea durissima   Arecaceae
  Itabo, Yucca   Yucca elephantipes   Liliaceae

Text and pictures by Angela and Jörn Malek. The team of Discovery Travel World wishes you the best of times in our little paradise called Costa Rica.

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