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City of Limón

Park, Limón CityPark Three Star Hotel
Maribu Caribe, Playa BonitaMaribú Caribe Three Star Hotel

Braulio Carrillo, Guápiles, Guácimo

Aerial Tram Lodge, Zurquí, Braulio Carrillo (Eco-Lodge)Aerial Tram Lodge  Zurquí, Braulio Carrillo,Two Star Hotel
Club mi Amor, Guácimo (Private Club)Club mi Amor Three Star Hotel
Rio Palmas, GuácimoRestaurante Río Palmas Three Star Hotel

Cahuita, Estero Negro, Playa Negra, Bananito

Algebra Cabinas, Cahuita, Limón (Near Beach)Algebra Cabinas Costa Rica Three Star Hotel
Bluspirit Bungalows, Cahuita, Limón (Near Beach)Hotel Bluspirit Bungalows Costa Rica Three Star Hotel
Bungalows Malú, Cahuita, Limón (Beachfront)Hotel Bungalows Malú Costa Rica Three Star Hotel
Cabinas Arrecife, Cahuita (Beach Front)Escape Caribeño Three Star Hotel
Cabinas Iguana, Cahuita (Near Beach)Cabinas Iguana Three Star Hotel
Cabinas Jardín Tropical, Cahuita (Budget)Cabinas Jardín Tropical Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Pepes Place, Cahuita (Budget)Cabinas Pepes Place Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Smith, Cahuita (Near Beach)Cabinas Smith Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Wolfsong, Cahuita (Near Beach)Cabinas Wolfsong Two Star Hotel
Cabinas y Soda Florencia, Cahuita (Near Beach)Cabinas y Soda Florencia Two Star Hotel
Chalet Cabinas Hibiscus, Playa Negra Beach, CahuitaChalet Cabinas Hibiscus Two Star Hotel
Suizo Loco Lodge & Resort, Playa Cahuita (Eco-Lodge)Suizo Loco Lodge & Resort Three Star Hotel
Selva Bananito Lodge, Selva Bananito Reserve (Eco-Lodge)Selva Bananito Lodge Two Star Hotel
La Diosa, Playa Cahuita BeachLa Diosa Three Star Hotel
Magellan Inn, Playa Negra, Cahuita LimónMagellan Inn Three Star Hotel
Atlantida Lodge, Playa CahuitaAtlantida Lodge Three Star Hotel
Reggae Cabinas, Playa Negra, Cahuita Limón (Beach-front)Reggae Cabinas Two Star Hotel
Colón Caribe, Estero Negro Beach, LimónColón Caribe Four Star Hotel

Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Punta Uvita, Chiquita, Manzanillo, A - Z

Agapi Beach Front Apartments, Playa Cocles, Puerto ViejoAgapi Beach Front Apartments Three Star Hotel
Aguas Claras Cottages, Playa Cocles, Puerto ViejoAguas Claras Cottages Three Star Hotel
Beach Houses La Perla del Caribe, Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo (Eco-Lodge)Beach Houses La Perla del Caribe Four Star Hotel
Blue Conga, Puerto Viejo de TalamancaBlue Conga Three Star Hotel in Costa Rica
Bugabutik, Playa Cocles, LimónBugabutik Three Star Hotel
Cabinas Maritza, Puerto ViejoCabinas Maritza Two Star Hotel in Costa Rica
Caribbean Suerre, Playa Punta Uva, Puerto ViejoCaribbean Suerre Three Star Hotel in Costa Rica
Caribe Esplendido, Playa Cocles, Puerto ViejoCaribe Esplendido Three Star Hotel in Costa Rica
Casa Camarona Lodge, Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo (Beach-front)Casa Camarona Lodge Three Star Beach Rental
Chimuri Cottages, Puerto Viejo (Beach-front)Chimuri Cottages Two Star Cottages
Coco Loco Lodge, Puerto Viejo, LimónCoco Loco Lodge Two Star Hotel
El Tucán Jungle Lodge, Punta Cocles, Puerto Viejo (Eco-Lodge)El Tucán Jungle Lodge Two Star Hotel
Escape Caribeño, Playa Salsa Brava, Puerto Viejo (Surfing)Escape Caribeño Three Star Hotel
Guaraná, Puerto ViejoGuaraná Three Star Hotel
Itaitá Villas, Punta Uva, Puerto Viejo (Eco-Lodge)Itaitá Villas Two Star Hotel
Kasha, Playa Chiquita, Puerto Viejo (All Inclusive)Kasha Three Star Hotel
Kaya's Place, Puerto Viejo, Limón (Beachfront)Kaya's Place Two Star Hotel in Costa Rica
La Isla Inn, Playa Cocles, Puerto ViejoLa Isla Inn Three Star Hotel
Magic Moon Beach Rental, Playa Negra, Puerto ViejoMagic Moon Beach Rental Two Star Beach Rental
Mandala, Puerto ViejoMandala Two Star Hotel in Costa Rica
Miraflores Lodge, Puerto Viejo de TalamancaMiraflores Lodge, Two Star Hotel
Olé Caribe Cabinas, Puerto Viejo, Limón (Budget)Olé Caribe Cabinas Two Star Hotel
Pachamama, Punta Uva, LimónPachamama LimónTwo Star Accommodations
Pizote Lodge, Puerto ViejoPizote Lodge Three Star Hotel
Playa Chiquita Lodge, Playa Chiquita, Puerto ViejoPlaya Chiquita Lodge Two Star Hotel
Shawandha Lodge, Playa Chiquita, Puerto ViejoShawandha Lodge Three Star Hotel
Suerre Caribe, Punta Uva, PuertoSuerre Caribe Four Star Hotel
Totem Cabinas, Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo (Surfing special)Totem Cabinas Three Star Hotel
Villas del Caribe, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca (Beachfront)Hotel Villas del Caribe Three Star Hotel in Costa Rica
Yaré Hotel, Punta Uvita, Puerto ViejoYaré Three Star Hotel

Tortuguero Canals A--Z

Jungle Lodge, Playa TortugueroJungle Lodge Three Star Hotel
Manatus, Tortuguero (Deluxe Hotel)Manatus Four Star Hotel
Samoa Lodge & Resort, Playa TortugueroSamoa & Resort Three Star Hotel
Turtle Beach Lodge, TortugueroTurtle Beach Lodge Three Star Hotel

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The Province of Limón

The Province of Limon stretches all along the Caribbean Coast. It is a smooth stretch of coastline from Nicaragua to Panamá, with beaches, mangrove swamps, coastal forests, and the canals of Tortuguero. The tidal variations are smaller than on the Pacific Coast. The whole Caribbean Coast if part of the Province of Limón.

It covers 18% of the National territory but holds only 9% of the Population. Until 1949 the African American Population of Costa Rica was discriminated to live only in this part of the country. Tourist are attracted to this region because of its laid back life style and also for the attraction the word 'Caribbean' has to them. You can find fine Hotels in Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Limón and Tortuguero

While on Pacific Coast there are two seasons, a dryer and one with rains in the afternoon, at the Caribbean Lowlands the rains are distributed more evenly over the whole year, offering alternatives for the months of August, September, February and March when it usually rains much less here, than in the other areas of Costa Rica. Enjoy beautiful Costa Rica, its Beaches, National Parks, Rainforests, and Cloud forests, Tropical Dry Forests, Wildlife Refuges and Biological Reserves.

Go Sport Fishing or Deep Sea Fishing and enjoy the many Night life activities and Casinos. Let us be your tour operator to help you plan your trip to paradise. Choose from a tour or activity of your taste from the many that Costa Rica has to offer, or just do nothing and savour some of the best climates in the world. Costa Rica awaits you. You will fall in love with this paradise as so many did before you.

Welcome in our small paradise and thank you for making your reservation directly with the hotels, using our websites.