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Permanent Resident Investor Status

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The Forestry Law, article #70, of Costa Rica

8 Year old teak stand in Costa Rica

The Forestry Law, article #70, of Costa Rica, recognizes the Investor status, on a reforestation project, to any person who invests a minimum amount of US$100,000.00 to apply for "Permanent Resident Investor Status" in Costa Rica.

This status carries all benefits and rights that a Costa Rican citizen enjoys with one exception. The individual is not allowed to participate in National elections. This status allows the individual to live and work here in Costa Rica in their chosen field of endeavor.

They are not restricted to working in the field in which the investment has been made. Individual must be present in Costa Rica a minimum of one day a year to have their "cedula" stamped.

The investor has the right to live and work in Costa Rica. The spouse and any children under age 18 have the right to live in Costa Rica. (or children under age 25 if full time students and living with cedula holder)

If the applicant does not choose to move to Costa Rica immediately upon receiving his or her cedula they must present themselves at immigration at least one time within every 12 month period from date of receipt of cedula for five years, every 2 years after five years.

Investor may divest himself or herself of the investment after 24 months and still retain 'Permanent Investor Status'

Actual time spent in Costa Rica with the above status is applied towards time requirement required to facilitate the issuance of a Costa Rica passport.

Get informed

Before making a decision we recommend, that you inform yourself by reading the following articles about the effects of deforestation, the efforts of the Costa Rican Gouvernment and its incentives for reforestation and also the average growth rate of a teak plantation, so you can calculate your return on investment, in addition to getting your residence and help to protect the environment and stop deforestation.


1. Arrange a visit to Costa Rica. Select the specific plots of land that you want registered in your name. Use this Contact-Form for arrangements to visit the plantation, meet with plantation manager, visit owner and legal firm.

2. Obtain your official receipt "certificate of investment" from the legal department of Hacienda Oro Verde's accounting firm indicating the specific lot(s) and the amount of your purchase.

3. Upon return to your home country submit this receipt "certificate of investment" plus those other documents as outlined in Requirements 1 - 5 to the local Costa Rica Embassy or Consulate.

4. Obtain your receipt from the Costa Rica Embassy or Consulate for the documentation. Advise Great Sunrise Enterprises S.A, directly or using the same contact-form that the process has been initiated and Hacienda Oro Verde's legal firm will be advised and they are to track and assist the applicant in order that they obtain his or her "cedula" From the moment of obtaining ones receipt from Embassy status is considered "in process".