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Tours Monteverde & Santa Elena

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Sky Trek Monteverde Rainforest Tour near Santa Elena
On a secure system of trails and zip lines in the Monteverde Cloud Forest the visitors have the opportunity to observe and appreciate nature from different vantage points. Beeing similar to other canopy tours in Costa Rica, but with some significant differences, includes 2,3 km of hiking trails, eleven transversal cables with a total length of over 3km, each one from 40m to 750m length.

Sky Walk Monteverde Rainforest Tour near Santa Elena
A combination of suspension bridges and platforms built in the cloud forest, that offers an opportunity to explore the forest canopy in a safe and easy manner. It starts with a walk on the ground through the forest, and takes you up on the hanging bridges. This is the absolute perfect way to explore the richness and diversity of the flora, fauna, birds and orchids.

Snakes Serpentarium Tour in Monteverde
This amphibian and reptile zoo is perfect to learn about the fauna. With modern and spacious facilities, it creates a natural environment for the animals and at the same time offers high comfort and security to the visitors. Here you can appreciate more than 40 species of snakes, poisonous snakes, reptiles, lizards, spiders, iguanas, amphibians, and land-turtles.