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Many things to explore, enjoy, and learn

Here you'll find the famous archaeological park 'Alama Ata': En October 1999, the workers of the project discovered an important pre-Columbian site on the property of the Centro Neotrópico SarapiquíS. In May 2000, an excavation started under the supervision of the National Museum of Costa Rica. They found exquisite works in stone and ceramic in a cemetery of more than 70 graves. The Museum of the Centro Neotrópico SarapiquíS shows these pieces. Se excavation is an ongoing project that will take several years to complete. At this time there are 12 graves open to the public.

The region of Sarapiquí was inhabited by a fascinating group of pre-Columbian indigenous people, the Votos, an indigenous population organized like a matriarch: the chefs as well as the medicine-man were women. The archaeological park is evolving constantly and it is the first one of its kind in Costa Rica. The visitors can see the archaeologists working on the graves and visit the laboratory to see how the archaeological pieces get cleaned and restored.

The biological reserve 'Tirimbina'

The biological reserve 'Tirimbina' has 350 hectares of tropical forest to explore. The reserve is dedicated to preserve nature and educate children and adults of all ages. The main emphasis is the inter-relations of systems and species natives of Costa Rica. For that reason Tirimbina is a place where one can start to understand some of the mysteries of the tropical forest and enjoy its natural beauty. A guide with a wide knowledge will take you through the paths and bridges through the canopy and will help you to discover the flora and fauna of the rainforest. You will also learn about natural species and tropical eco-systems in the arboretum and on a self guided hike to a natural river island.

The reserve of 'Tirimbina' is an excellent place to see the wildlife and enjoy the beauties and bio-diversity of a tropical forest. The presence of this reserve is essential for the concept of the Centro Neotrópico SarapiquíS its 350 hectares include some of the last pieces of premontane rainforest of medium altitude of the northeast of Costa Rica. The botanical and zoological diversity and characteristics of these eco-systems renders lots of reverences to scientists as well as visitors.

El Museo SarapiquiS

The Museum SarapiquiS is the largest land museum of Central America in the field of ecology, tropical forests and pre-Colombian indigenous history. It is important for the museum to have a strong impact on the visitor. The different visual, audio, and animations play an important role in the concept of the museum: it is a modern, dynamic concept that uses advanced techniques of presentation and without a doubt will last in the minds of the visitors. The principal themes of the museum are: Bio-diversity, Indigenous cultures, Rainforest, and the pre-Colombian cultures in danger. The museum includes an auditorium for movies and theatre with a capacity of 68 people where the visitors can see documentary films about the history, nature and culture of the Neotropic.

El Jardín Botánico de 'Chester'

The Botánical Garden of 'Chester' was designed by the National Botanical Garden of Belgium, an institution with over 150 years of experience in the tropics. In this garden grows an large sample of the natural heritage of Costa Rica. The endless diversity of the flora of Costa Rica offers great selection of useful and fascinating plants. Within the garden, there are only plants from Centralamerica, many of which you'll be able to see also when you explore the rainforest. To make observation easier, the plants are presented in groups acording to different themes. Each tematic area offers a different window to the wide landscape of botanical diversity in Costa Rica. The areas are: Medicinal plants, plants that produce fiber, rubber and colors, ornamental plants, aromatic plants, and edible plants.

Amenities Photos of SarapiquiS Centro Neotropico Hotel Amenities Photos of SarapiquiS Centro Neotropico Hotel

Amenities Photos of SarapiquiS Centro Neotropico Hotel Amenities Photos of SarapiquiS Centro Neotropico Hotel

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