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Wild Dolphin and Whale Encounters !

These dolphin and whale encounters have been featured on Animal Planet, The Travel Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Jeff Corwin Experience on Animal Planet, the series Destination Wildlife, in Vegetarian Times Magazine and more!

The tours offer you the best of both worlds;
abundant marine life combined with rich rainforests.

This area is the most biologically intense place on earth not only on land, but also at sea!

Every day out on the ocean is different. Sometimes they encounter large pods of spotted dolphins close to shore, and other times they find themselves offshore in the middle of pods of more than 1000 bottlenose, spotted and/or spinner dolphins. They also encounter Rough Tooth and Common Dolphins as well as Pilot Whales, Orcas, Pseudo Orcas, Sei Whales, Brydes Whales, Beaked Whales, giant manta rays, sea turtles and more. This area boasts the longest season of Humpback Whales in the world, as it gets migrations from both North America and South America. The Humpbacks from both Hemispheres come here to birth and breed.

Most common on the tours is the Pan tropical Spotted Dolphins. There are small groups of 10-30 that stay close to shore and they have named them "The Homeboys". Just a bit further (10-15 miles from the hotel) there is a huge resident pod of spotted dolphins, sometimes numbering over 1500. They call this pod "No-Fin's Group" after a dolphin we have identified within the group. There is another large pod of resident Spotted Dolphins behind the island whom they call the "295 Pod" after the direction we go to find them. This pod numbers between 500 and 1000. Encounters with either pod are always amazing and they feel incredibly lucky that on any given day, they can encounter such large groups of dolphins in a relatively short period of time (some days it takes longer to find them than other days!)

They are also very lucky to have a large resident pod of bottlenose dolphins, numbering around 1000. This pod is sometimes up to 30 miles offshore, and other times they come in to feed, close to the island. The encounters with these bottlenose will certainly make you smile as they ride the bow of the boat and jump many feet into the air. And they are huge!!!

The Rough Tooth Dolphins are the favourites. They look different than other dolphins, almost reptilian. They have seen the Rough Tooth Dolphins all over the covered area, close to shore and very far out too.

They also encounter the incredible Costa Rican Spinner Dolphins and the Common Dolphins. These pods of dolphins are usually 20-30 miles offshore and are spectacular to see with their high leaps and bow riding.

When the dolphins invite us, we get into the water for up close and personal encounters with them.

At any time one can encounter whales. Most often, Humpback Whales, almost year round. The Humpbacks are most abundant from late July to November, when the Southern Humpbacks are here and are also plentiful in December through March when the Northern Humpbacks are here to birth and breed. They have encountered the Orcas both right by the shore, and many miles offshore. The same goes with the Sei Whales, Pilot Whales, Brydes Whales and Pseudo Orcas. The beaked whales are usually seen at least 20 miles offshore.

Also on the tours, the marine biologists and staff members collect data, photos and video. The goal is to create a marine sanctuary here through the non-profit foundation, Fundación Delfín de Costa Rica (see Amenities), so that this area will be protected for the future. When you go on the tours, you are helping to support this goal. The 28' boat is specially equipped with comfortable seats, twin 115 Yamaha 4 stroke motors (for quiet and fumeless operation!), a stereo, and a hydrophone to listen to the sound of the dolphins and whales.

The staff has combined over 30 years experience in dolphin and whale encounters and research. They do not chase, feed or harass the dolphins and whales. Be sure to visit our spectacular Picture Gallery to see Photos of different species encountered.

While viewing all the dolphins and whales, stay at Delfin Amor Eco Lodge set on ten acres of rainforest and beaches, it offers the perfect accommodations for this amazing eco-adventure here and invites you to experience the rich land and sea of Costa Rica.

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