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South Pacific, Drake Bay, Peninsula Osa,
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Playa Dominical, Playa Tortuga, Ballena Marine Park, Bahía Uvita de Osa, Ciudad Cortéz, Palmar Norte, Ojochal, Ciudad Neilly, Río Claro, Vergel de Punta Mala, A - Z

Apartotel La Perla de Bahía, Bahía Uvita de OsaApartotel La Perla de Bahía Three Star Hotel
Bahía Azul, Bahía Uvita de OsaBahía Azul Two Star Hotel
Bella Vista Lodge, Dominicalito (Horseback Riding)Bella Vista Lodge,Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Arena y Sol, Playa Dominical (Surfing)Cabinas Arena y Sol,Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Bahía Uvita, Bahía Uvita de Osa (Camping available)Cabinas Bahía Uvita Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Esmo, Bahía Uvita de Osa Cabinas Esmo Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Hidalgo, Ojochal, Ciudad Cortéz Cabinas Hidalgo Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Los Laureles, Bahía Uvita de Osa Cabinas Los Laureles Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Tucán, DominicalCabinas Tucán Two Star Hotel
Cristal Ballena, Playa Ballena, UvitaCristal Ballena Four Star Hotel
Cuna del Angel, Dominical / Marino Ballena (Spa)Cuna del Angel Four Star Hotel
Dagmar Lodge, Uvita de Osa Dagmar Lodge Two Star Hotel
Diu Wak, Playa Dominical (Surf Beach)Diu Wak Three Star Hotel
Domilocos, Dominical (Surf, Restaurante fino)Domilocos Three Star Hotel
El Mono Feliz, Ojochal de Osa (Eco-Lodge)El Mono Feliz,Two Star Hotel
Hacienda Barú Lodge, Playa Dominical (National Reserve)Hacienda Barú Lodge,Two Star Hotel
Las Palmas, Ciudad CortézLas Palmas,Three Star Hotel
Mar y Selva, Ballena - Uvita, Dominical (Eco Lodge)Mar y Selva Three Star Hotel
Nido del Halcón, Uvita, Playa Colonia Nido del Halcón,Three Star Hotel
Palmeral Dorima, Río Claro (Eco-Lodge)Palmeral Dorima,Two Star Hotel
Plaza Suites, Playa DominicalPlaza Suites Four Star Hotel
Punta Dominical, Cabinas, DominicalitoCabias Punta Dominical Two Star Hotel
Río Tico Safari Lodge, Vergel de Punta Mala (Tent Bungalows)Río Tico Safari Lodge Two Star Hotel
Rocas de Amancio, Dominicalito Rocas de Amancio Two Star Hotel
The Lookout Hotel, Playa Tortuga, OjochalThe Lookout Hotel, Three Star Hotel
Tortilla Flats, Dominical (Surf, Restaurant, Bar)Tortilla Flats Two Star Hotel
Whales & Dolphins Eco Lodge, Ballena Marine Park (Eco Lodge)Whales & Dolphins Eco Lodge Three Star Hotel
Villas Río Mar, Beach Playa DominicalVillas Río Mar Three Star Hotel

Sierpe Bahía Drake, Isla del Caño, A - Z

Aguila de Osa Inn, Bahía DrakeAguila de Osa Inn Three Star Hotel
Corcovado Adventure's Tent Camp, Bahía DrakeCorcovado Adventure's Tent Camp Two Star Hotel
Delfín Amor Eco Lodge, Drake BayDelfín amor Eco Lodge, Bahía Drake Two Star Hotel
Drake Bay Wilderness Resort, Drake BayAll Inclusive Drake Bay wilderness Resort Three Star Hotel
Eco Manglares Sierpe Lodge, Sierpe (Eco Cabins)Eco Manglares Sierpe Lodge, Two Star Hotel
Las Caletas Lodge, Drake BayLas Caletas Lodge, Two Star Hotel
Mirador Drake Bay, Eco-Lodge, Drake Bay  (Budget)Mirador Drake Bay, Eco-Lodge, Two Star Hotel
Oleaje Sereno Hotel, SierpeOleaje Sereno Two Star Hotel

Alto Los Mogos, La Palma, Puerto Jiménez, Playa Carbonera, Carate, Corcovado, A - Z

Agua Luna, Puerto Jiménez (Beach Front)Agua Luna, Two Star Hotel
Bosque del Cabo, Cabo Matapalo (Private Reserve)Bosque del Cabo, Four Star Hotel
Casa Tortuga, La Palma de Osa (Eco Lodge)Casa Tortuga, Two Star Hotel
Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp, Carate, Corcovado (Eco Lodge)Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp, Two Star Hotel
Crocodile Bay Lodge, Puerto Jiménez (Sport Fishing Packages)Crocodile Bay Lodge Four Star Hotel
Delfines del Golfo, La Palma (Eco Lodge)Delfines del Golfo, Two Star Hotel
El Mirador de Osa, Alto Los Mogos (Budget)El Mirador de Osa, Two Star Hotel
El Remanso Rainforest Lodge, Playa CarboneraEl Remanso Rainforest Lodge, Three Star Hotel
Iguana Lodge, Puerto Jiménez (Beach-front)Iguana Lodge Three Star Hotel
La Choza del Manglar, Puerto JiménezLa Choza del Manglar, Three Star Hotel
Laguna Vista Villas, Playa CarateLaguna Vista Villas Three Star Hotel
La Leona Eco-Lodge, Playa Carate, Corcovado (Tent Camp)La Leona Eco-Lodge, Two Star Tent Camp
Lapa Ríos, Playa CarboneraLapa Ríos Four Star Hotel
Lookout Inn, Playa Carate, Corcovado (Eco Lodge)Lookout Inn, Three Star Hotel
Luna Lodge, Playa Carate, Corcovado (Eco Lodge Yoga & Spa)Luna Lodge, Four Star Hotel
Parrot Bay Village, Puerto Jiménez (Beach-front Fishing)Parrot Bay Village Three Star Hotel
Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, Corcovado (Eco-Lodge)Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge Two Star Hotel
Playa Preciosa Lodge, Puerto Jiménez (Beach-front)Playa Preciosa Lodge Two Star Hotel
Villas Corcovado, Golfo Dulce (Eco-Lodge)Villas Corcovado Three Star Hotel
Yellow Coco Lodge, Puerto Jiménez (Beach & Jungle Lodge)Yellow Coco Lodge, Two Star Hotel

Golfito, Piedras Blancas, Playa San Josecita A - Z

Buena Vista Cabinas, GolfitoBuena Vista Cabinas Two Star Hotel
El Gran Ceibo, GolfitoEl Gran Ceibo Two Star Hotel
Esquinas Rain Forest Lodge, Piedras Blancas National ParkEsquinas Rain Forest Lodge Three Star Hotel
Golfo Dulce Lodge, Playa San Josecita, Golfito (Eco-Lodge)Golfo Dulce Lodge,Two Star Hotel
Hotel Sierra & Casino, GolfitoSierra Three Star Hotel
Las Gaviotas, GolfitoLas Gaviotas Three Star Hotel

Playa Zancudo, Pavones A - Z

Cabinas Los Cocos, Playa Zancudo (Tours)Cabinas Los Cocos Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Río Mar, Playa Zancudo Cabinas Rio Mar, Two Star Hotel
Casa Siempre Domingo, Pavones (Surfing)Casa Siempre Domingo Three Star Hotel
La Ponderosa Beach and Jungle Resort, Pavones (Surfing)La Ponderosa Beach and Jungle Resort Two Star Hotel
Mira Olas, Pavones (Surfing)Mira Olas Two Star Hotel
Olas Bravas Surf Hacienda, Playa Zancudo (Surfing)Olas Bravas Surf Hacienda Two Star Hotel
Oasis on the Beach, Playa Zancudo (Beach-front)Oasis on the Beach Three Star Hotel
Punta Saleas Lodge, Pavones (Surfing)Punta Saleas Lodge Two Star Hotel
The Zancudo Lodge, Playa Zancudo (Sport Fishing Charters)The Zancudo Lodge Three Star Hotel
Tiskita Jungle Lodge, PavonesTiskita Jungle Lodge Three Star Hotel

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About the South Pacific Region, Drake Bay, Peninsula Osa, and Golfo Dulce places

Dominical is a little coastal village at the northern end of the South Pacific Region and just 1,2km south of the Hacienda Barú. the Dominical beach is long and is very popular among surfers. Sierpe is a tiny village is on the Sierpe river almost 30 km from the Pacific Ocean, yet it has about a 3m difference between high and low tides. Boats to Bahía Drake can be hired here.

Bahía Drake is an area is rich in both 16th-century history and natural history. Sir Francis Drake himself supposedly visited the bay in march 1579 during his global circumnavigation in the Golden Hind. Agujita is a small village on the bay with a grocery store, a public phone, a clinic, a school, and a couple of cabins. You can visit Agujitas, pick up a cola or beer, watch kitds coming home from school.

Corcovado is a four to seven hour walk along the coast from Bahía Drake to the San Pedrillo Ranger Station of the Corcovado National Park. Dropping tides are the best time for this hike. The route is usually easy to follow.

Isla del Caño is a 326-hectare island is roughly 20 km west of Bahía Drake. The reserve is of interest to snorklers, divers, biologists, and archaeologists. About 5800 hectares of ocean are designated as part of the reserve. Snorklers will find incredibly warm water (almost body temperature) and a good variety of marine life ranging from fish to sea cucumbers.

Puerto Jiménez is the only town of any size on the peninsula Osa. Until the 1960s the peninsula was one of the most remote parts of Costa Rica with exuberant rainforests and a great variety of plants and animals. This is area is not only for beach-lovers but for Sport Fishermen, since Crocodile Bay Lodge, a private resort specialized in Fishing Charters, opened its doors.

Carate is the beginning of the road if you're departing from Corcovado, or the end of the road if you're coming from Puerto Jiménez. Access during rainy season is best by plane. One has to cross several rivers and if there is a day with heavy rain you might not be able to get through them by car during several days.

Golfito is named after a tiny gulf that emerges into the much larger Golfo Dulce, a large Pacific Ocean gulf just west of Panama. It's the most important port in the far southern part of Costa Rica, although its maritime importance has declined greatly in recent years. In the late 1980s a small tourism industry began in the area, and it has since blossomed. The town is surrounded by the steep hills of the Nacional Wildlife Refuge Golfito, with a splendid rainforest backdrop and good birding opportunities.

Playa Cacao is a beach is opposite Golfito, and the view of the bay, port and surrounding rainforest is worth the short boat ride out here. As for swimming, although it is cleaner than the polluted waters just off the town, the water isn't pristine.

Playa Zancudo beach, on the south side of the mouth of the Coto Colorado river, about 15km south of Golfito, is a popular destination for locals, who claim that the 6km-long dark-sand beach has the best swimming in the area. The surf is gentle and at night the quiet water sometimes sparkles with bio-luminescence. At the far south end, the waves get big enough for surfing. Zancudo is also a famous Sport-Fishing destination. The largest Marina is managed by The Zancudo Lodge. There is a beautiful mangrove in the river area.

Playa Pavones, about 15 km south of Zancudo is the Bahía de Pavón, which has some of the best surfing on the Pacific side of Central America. The name Pavones is used locally to refer to the area comprising both Playa Río Claro de Pavones, and 5km southeast, Punta Banco.

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Pouth Pacific, Drake Bay, Peninsula Osa, and Golfo Dulce are not only famous in Costa Rica because of their incredible biological diversity and the famous National Park called Corcovado, it is also a favourite destination for surfers and deep sea sport fishermen, scuba divers, snorkelling, and the observation of dolphins and whales.

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