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For the last 6 years we we have come to Costa Rica for our vacation. We take months to plan and 1-Costa Rica Link has been a valuable tool to help make our trip a wonderful one each and every year. Thank - You ...Keep up the great work . Paul & Wendy Piva.

I just wanted to say that I'm going to Costa Rica in January, and this site is unbelievably helpful. What a phenominally helfpul, clear, and easy to use site this is!!! George Acker.

Great site Making my first trip down next week cant wait. If u have a recint fishing report out of Los Suenos please foward it Many thanks Capt Bill Blanchard.

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I would just like to thank you for all the extremely helpful information that is on your website. I'm looking forward to travelling to Costa Rica for the first time in January 2007 for 3 months to volunteer, and your website has helped me learn a great deal about the country and its culture. Thank you so much!

Very nice WEB page, specially colors and so many atractions. It should be published to help other people.


I visited Costa Rica in January with my son. I have always dreamed of going to paradise but never thought it would happen. Since I have returned back to the States I cry every morning. I can't get Costa Rica out of my mind. I think I have found my soul in Costa Rica. I left part of my heart there. I am only half now. I will go back and become whole again. Maybe some day I will stay in Costa Rica. Pura Vida. Beverly Barth, Chapel Hill, NC USA.

Gracias, trabajo en turismo y utilizo mucho su verdaderamente extraordinaria...los felicito. Jorge Madriz

I am in shock!! Your site is unbelievable! I spent 2 years in CR and as others have commented, I too left my heart & soul there. I spent a lot of time in Desemparados and Drake Bay, but also a little town near Palmar Norte called Puerto Cortés..I can't find a single picture or reference to this town ANYWHERE on the Net. Have you heard of it? Do you have ANY photos or LINKS to this little town. I don't have a single picture, only my memories. You can't imagine what it would mean to me to see some photos or read something about that place. Maybe I am spelling it wrong? Thank you, Thank you THANK YOU for your incredible, detailed and huge website!! I'll send it to everyone on my list!! Cyrus Erel in Toronto, Canada.

Firstly, I love your web site for its clarity, generous information and personal touches. Secondly, anyone who quotes Marquez has my vote. And what is Marquez without Borges -- "Those odds and ends of memory are the only wealth that the rush of time leaves to us. We are our memory, we are this chimerical museum of shifting forms, this heap of broken mirrors." Last question in next email... Ulric Sorensen.

I simply love Costa Rica after living there as an exchange student in 1993. It is a wonderful country and I am stunned by the guestfree people, the wild and beautiful nature and I still keep in touch with my family and friends that I made 14 years ago. I will keep coming back to this wonderful country. Marianne H. Evensen

Just a comment. My daughter & husband (Mike & Karen Oliver) just arrived, but this is the BEST Web-site I have ever come across. Thanks. Ralph Hansen California USA.

I love your website!!! It has so much information. So many fascinating facts and wonderful advice. I have spent hours reading and never a boring moment. Monica Jones, Upper Darby, Pa.

Your site is well designed specially the products and services pages. These are very helpful to me for providing me good and satisfactory information. Pawan Patel.

As a native Costarican I applaud you for such an exquisite web site. I am about to travel to Costa Rica and have found which seems to be a treasure in your website. Thanks for your dedication and for loving our beautiful country so much. I am pretty sure you are no longer a gringo to me you are a Tico. Pura vida Costa Rica and hope to see you guys soon. God bless. Odra Guzman De Guandique, Houston, Texas USA.

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica and the best part was my stay at Los Lagos. The staff was exceptional. Juan Carlos was especially helpful. One of my most memorial experiences was the canopy tour. I was impressed that all of the staff, especially Antonio, were professional, very concerned about safety and lots of fun. Antonio was also a great resource for restaurants and other tours. Sandra Holmes.

Hello Bruce: I apologize for putting you through so much trouble. I would be looking for a 7-10 day stay, not one night. I am not sure if that was a typo or if I was so sleepy at that time that I did not notice the mistake. After reading some of your web site late last night and into the early morning, I am sure that I do want to visit Costa Rica and would like your help in doing so.

I applaud you on your web site. I stumbled across it looking for local help in making travel arrangements. I need to read more and pinpoint more specific dates. A friend will be traveling with me for a period of 7-10 nights in the months of either October/November 2006.

We would require a nice, clean, beach front, ocean view room with comfortable double beds, private bath and balcony/patio. A property with large pool, hot tub and tropical landscaping is desireable. This will be our first time to your country. We know very little, except for the information we have gained from your web site. We would like some night life, but a safe environment. All-inclusive arrangements will be considered if recommended. I am more for the local fare than the tourist sightseeing and hotel food type, but we need affordable. Your recommendations will be most appreciated as we are attempting to put together a budget for Costa Rica.

Our goal is fun and relaxation in a tropical paradise. As we are in no big hurry to book. We have time to wait for your recommendations regarding regions, hotels, transportation, night life, most beautiful beaches, butterflies, birds, monkeys and rain forests. Whatever information and guidance you wish to share with us. This will be two single women mid and late 40's visiting your paradise. We only speak English. You can understand our need for your assistance. I will continue studying your web site so that we can begin to make informed decisions. We feel very fortunate to have found your web site. We look forward working with you. Margaret Ann Tucker.

We had an excellent time in Costa Rica this past February. Our son Kevin (11 years old) just made a very interesting page on his website after writing his diary and adding 72 pictures that we took together. Please visit his page at

Thanks for your welcome in Costa Rica, a really wonderful country! Tell us if you want more pictures that we took there. Thanks too to the other travelers who helped us preparing the tour through their personal web pages. Feel free to add Kevin's link to yours! Gisèle, Jean-Emmanuel, Kévin and Jean-Claude

Thank you for all of your help! I am very excited to visit Costa Rica and you have made it a wonderful experience to book my travels. Your website is very helpful too! Sincerely. Heather Stewart

Hola me encanto la paginas de ustedes, estoy buscando lodge de pesca con alojamiento vivo en un lugar increible, se llama isla robinson crusoe esto es chile y soy islea. Marcela Chamorro Recabarren.

Hola soy argentino y vivo en la provincia de misiones en una ciudad llamada Leandro N. alem. Soy estudiante de la carrera llamada (Técnico En Mantenimiento Agro Industria) Quiero saber como pudo ir a vivir en ese pais, los requisitos que hay que tener y todos los papeles que hay que hacer para poder viajar y estableserme en ese hermoso pais. Espero una pronta respuesta y desde ya le agradesco por leer mi mensaje y espero pronto sus respuestas gracias. José Oscar Torales

Dear Jörn, Please use the following e-mail address for future mailing: This present address is going to expire in a few days time. Let me also grab the occasion to say a big thank you for this website, it is just wonderful, comprehensive and really beautiful! It offered me the most valuable help when we visited Costa Rica! Thanks for all your work. Andrea from Hungary.

Twelve years ago I visited your beautiful country. Back at home I was greeted also by a member of our family, Pepito. You can see his picture in my site on the first page. Sadly, after having spent 30 years with us, he suddenly left us four years ago. To commemorate this unique friend I succeeded in getting, from the zoological garden in Rome, a new friend who needed help, since the other aras did not accept him. If you send me your e-mail address, I will let you have two photos showing him as he watches one of your beautiful pictures from your site, on which I would like to congratulate you. Pedro working the labtop, Pedro waching the web-site, Pedro having a conversation with friends. Best regards Enrico Shejbal, Italy.

Hola Jörn, Muchísimas gracias por su email y por haber respondido tan rápido. Tengo muchas dudas y agradecería mucho su ayuda. Tengo que decirle que me encanta su página web, ¡es completísima!

Dear Mr. Malek: I am a travel agent with one of the largest agency in the USA. I have found your site to be an excellent source of information and a valuable resource on hotels, car rentals, etc. I wish I would have found you earlier so that I could save myself a lot of work booking different hotels and excursions in Costa Rica. I usually go to Costa Rica every year for a few months at a time, and know some of the places you show on your site. Your information is accurate and objective.

I also found it a breath of fresh air that you are so obviously loving to your family and devote so much attention to them on your site. I especially enjoy reading about "Spiderman". I am planning to be in Costa Rica from January 25 to March 15 and hope that we could spend some time together.

Meanwhile, I have a question. One of my clients (and a friend) is looking to buy a medium size hotel in Costa Rica (Guanacaste) and he is making an exploratory trip next week. He only has less than a week to spend (January 27 to February 1) and I am going to accompany him. What would you recommend that I show to him in terms of location, (what towns, which beaches, etc.), considering that he only has a short time and there is obviously so much to see. Do you have any suggestions? Once again, thak you for the wonderful job you are doing with this website and I wish you much success. Looking forward to hearing from you. Alex Gibber.

Thank you for the reservation at the Los Lagos Hotel near Volcano Arenal. We really enjoyed our stay there and the hotel was great, the surroundings beautiful, the food was superb and the service was first class. We would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants a great value for the money. However, we did have to drive to the other side of the volcano to see the "action". But this was a minor problem and we were happy the peak was clear and we could see the lava at night.

Tallo Ihr Lieben!Wollte Euch nur mitteilen das ich morgen zu der Liveübetragung des Fußballspiels Deutschland-Costa Rica am Brandenburger Tor gehe und natürlich mit einer Costa Rica Flagge Eure Freunde die leider nicht in Deutschland dabei sein werden vertreten werde. *LACH* Ja bin etwas verrückt aber freu mich sehr darauf werd mich auch dementsprechend stylen *grins* Hoffe nur die sperren mich nicht weg. Alles Liebe und ganz fest die Daumen drücken das Costa Rica auch gewinnt. Die verrückte Petra aus Berlin.

Again, thank you for your help. We will recommend your agency and your services. We had a wonderful time in your beautiful country. Saludos, Mr. & Mrs. U. Kuster. Rohnert Park, California, USA

Estimado señor, soy Maria Eugenia Hontoria Avison, le escribo para agradecerle su ayuda y apoyo en los días en que estuve en Costa Rica, ahora me hayo en Madrid y disfruté mucho de su país y de la zona de Guanacaste por lo que le agradezco que me acosejara llegar hasta allí.

About The Best Tours in 6 days Package. I wanted to email you to let you know how much fun we had on our vacation / honeymoon. Each tour guide was very informative and were a lot of fun. They even altered the schedule so we could learn or see more of the country. Each day trip was different and it made for a great vacation / honeymoon for us. Thank you for all of your help. Eric Krozier, Detroit, Michigan.

I want to compliment you on this wonderful web site. It is professional. It has excellant taste and highly informative. It is simple yet very complete and easy to navigate. Photos and graphics are first class and reflects the natural beauty of the country as well as the wide range of accommedations and attractions. Combined with brief but highly informative copy, it allows a person to make educated travel decisions with confidence. Also, you have included a broad range of other very helpful info regarding news, real estate, rentals, etc.You are to be commended. BRAVO!

I have just return from 15 days in Costa Rica. From San Jose, to Tortuguero to Los Chilles to La Fortuna/Arinal to the Pacific Coast and down to Jaco and Manual Antonio, up to Sarchi and Grecia and back to SJ...with many interesting stops along the way. It was Fabulous! I hope to return soon. Your web site and all it offers will certainly be the bases for my planning. Thank you., Royce K. Tuter, (916) 635-9198, Rancho Cordova, California USA.

Ielow is a short description of why I feel qualified to critique your great site. For your info I have just retired after 44 years with a large aerospace firm. Some of the positions I held are what drew me to your wonderful site. For a number of years I was a Visit Coordinator where I handled the visits of many prominent people. They included President of the U.S., L. B. Johnson, all of the original Mercury and Gemini/Apollo Astronauts, Dr Werner von Braun when he was the head of NASA and many, many others.

For over 25 of those years I functioned as the Senior Artist / Art Director handling national advertising, displays and exhibits and presentations...Ten of those last years I was the manager of a department know as Technical Publications. It was made up of a large art department, word processing, a photo lab and photographers, as well as a full vidiography section. It included a pre-press area and six pressmen, all their equipment and a bindery. Our front counter operated a quick "while you wait" service with documents in B&W as well as full color using all of the latest Xerox work stations...we had impossible deadlines every day!

The above info was simply to let you know why I appreciated your approach, you user friendly format and most of all, the quality info that so eloquently promotes your country and all of its wonderful resources. Costa Rica's newest fan, Royce Tuter.

We are currently trying to plan approx. 10day trip to Costa Rica & drive the journey from Dominical towards Panama & even hope to have time to visit Panama a little. Visiting Dominical, Quepos, Golfito & areas beyond we are hoping to find acreage to eventually consider as our home / property with hopes of having a Rescue / Release type incentive to give back & assist maintianing the Natural Beauty & creatures of the area. With the Rainforest at our backs & the ocean views we are anticipating isolated captivating beauty one which our feathered ones we currently share our home with in the state of Florida will appreciate living amongst once again close to nature! We hope to make a difference by giving back to the environment once we get some guidance to find & settle in the beautiful land! Maybe this avenue of correspondence will place us on the right path. Thank you! Sandy Thomas.

I thought that I would send you this email just to let you know that I think you have, without doubt, the best publication that can be found on the net. Just excellent work. Each issue better than the previous one. Keep up the excellent work. Regards. KAM.

Congratulations for your beautiful site and your copyright policy. I'm in it too, I've been in Costa Rica 5 years ago, and I've copied one image from your site to make the invitation of my next birthday (I'll send you one if you want to see the result !). Best regards. Yves Demure, France.

Hallo Liebes Web Team! Ich wollte Euch nur mal ein Lob für diese Wahnsinns Seite von Costa Rica aussprechen.....und das auch noch in Deutsch, nun muß ich ja nicht mal mein Köpfchen ansttrengen und kann in Ruhe alle Hotels durchstöbern. Könnt Ihr mir vielleicht einen Tip geben welches Hotel sehr beliebt und fast im Dschungel ist? Sorry das ich keine Webseite brauche und kein Geschäft habe......doch finde ich Eure Seite einfach sehr sehr schön.......weiter so.

Gruß aus dem leider sehr herbstlichen Berlin, Petra Erbe from Old Germany Berlin

Thank you very much for your good service and you were very helpful to me in arranging our transportation from the airport to Hotel Barcelo Tambor. My husband and I are also interested in reserving several of the day and half tours available while we are there. You are such a wonderful person. Stacy.

Angela , la verdad es que pasamos un tiempo muy agradable, y tengo que agradecerle su constante preocupación y la puntualidad y calidad de su servicio. Sin duda que nuestro próximo viaje a Costa Rica (y estamos pensando seriamente de volver) me contactaré con Uds. Saludos. Eduardo Galatzan A.

Las vacaciones las debemos asumir con intención de liberarnos completamente, en nuestras empresas se ofrece la opción de comprar las vacaciones que aún no hemos disfrutado y erróneamente se venden sin considerar que es parte de nuestra sangre /sudor /esfuerzo que no vamos a recuperar y lo estamos dando por unos cuantos colones, debemos pensar en nosotros para poderles dar -positivamente- lo mejor a nuestra empresa, familia, comunidad, al país.

Thanks for all your "cards and letters".  It makes all those long nights working on Costa Rica's largest travel and information site worth it! Jörn Malek and all the staff of Discovery Travel World, S.A.