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Hi Jörn,

I enjoyed reading your messages and wish you and your family all the best! I'm from Costa Rica (and a product of many nationalities). I married an American and we live in Philadelphia, PA with our two daughters (Jessica and Natalie). To me love came when I was ready; but I did learn thanks to Leo Buscaglia that we have to love ourselves first! Only then can we learn to love others.

We have to learn to concentrate in the good of others, their good qualities, their gifts and talents, their BEST. We are all human and we all make mistakes; so we have to learn to be tolerant of others even if their views are different than ours. But I definitely believe that LOVE is the answer!! If you wish, please check the website I created:

and my blogs

Peace and love,

I thought that I would send you this email just to let you know that I think you have, without doubt, the best publication that can be found on the net. Just excellent work. Each issue better than the previous one. Keep up the excellent work.

Regards. KAM

Hermoso mensaje, un feliz dia para todos aquellos que que leen este mensaje positivo que imprime fuerza a nuestro diario vivir. Olga Artavia.

I have studied your website for long before joining and am always impressed with how you advertise my country (GHANA). God bless you for the good work and keep it up. Foosu Offeibea.

WOW I just received the subsciption for the Letters from Costa Rica and have read a few of them and they are wonderful. They really make you think and say such beautiful things. Thank you! Linda Llorca

I was surprised to receive a letter today from your website. You had kept me on file in reference to a letter I sent you 8 MONTHS AGO!!!, which I had forgotten about. The letter I sent was in response to the amazing content you provide about Costa Rica. How strange and beautiful then that you should send me an invitation to join with you and your members in exploring and discussing matters in this world that affect us all. Tolerance. Understanding. Patience.

Just 3 of the many characteristics we need to survive, if there is ever to be any harmony here. I don't know what's going on in this world, so much pain and deception and greed. Everyday another soul breaks. The rest of my time on this planet is linked to the experiences I had and the life I found myself living when I spent 2 years in Costa Rica. The strange series of events that led me there and the unbelievable set of circumstances that unfolded, leading me back home to Canada were all otherworldly.

How I survived without ending up in jail or being killed, when I came perilously close to both of those fates more than once is a story about to be told. The one truth that remained through all of that drama was the beauty of Costa Rica and the kindness of her People. I experienced a truth and a simplicity in the hearts of Costa Rican's that I have never experienced with anyone, anywhere else in my life. It was one hell of a trip! Pura Vida, Cyrus.

Hi Jorn
I hope you and the family are good. Sandy and I are great, she is going to go visit her grand kids, then I will be going to Belize. What a nice letter from C R, about wars. Thank you for putting me on your mailing list. Jeano and Sandy

Dear Jorn, A short note to thank you for your "first class" comments on eco-tourism and it's many facets.

You were right on the money with the impact it can have at so many levels of the environment and economy. I would like to think that we as humans are starting to wake up to irreparable damages we are doing to our planet. We are being deluged from all angles by the media, the press and our schools, of the importance in taking an active roll in matters of our environment. We can no longer placidly stand by and place the responsibility of this impending crises on others shoulders. We must act and support this as a way of life... NOW!

I am so pleased that those of you who work first hand with the tourist industry, have such an in depth knowledge of this growing concern and the consequences of ignoring it. You are on the front line of defense with your planning and handling of thousands of people from many diverse cultures and walks of life. Beautiful Costa Rica, with it's rainforests, cloudforests, indigenous people, stunning mountains, exotic flora and fauna, protected parks and uncrowded beaches and coastlines, is a perfect example of nature at her finest.

YYou in the Costa Rican (as well as other countries) tourist industry, have a wonderful opportunity to lead and teach by example, and to show how we should value and respect our natural resources...we are running out of time and second chances.

May we each do our part and make and act on wise decisions, that will allow us to pass on this incredible and awesome earth in all its mysterious splendor, to untold generations to come...........BRAVO for a great letter!

I know you have expanded the scope of your business and I hope it is doing well...I have followed some of it in your photo album. I love your photos, it makes me feel like you took me along on the trip. What a treat! It is always a joy to receive your letters and to know that you are still a voice to be heard from far away Costa Rica.

Bonnie and I are a little older, but well and happy and consider ourselves blessed.


I am not sure if your reference to Churchill was a measure of some respect you may have for this man. When watching documentaries about this famous world leader, nothing is mentioned about his place in history vis a vis the gassing of the Kurds.

Churchill was in no doubt that gas could be profitably employed against the Kurds and Iraqis (as well as against other peoples in the Empire): *I do not understand this sqeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using poison gas against uncivilised tribes.* Henry Wilson shared Churchills enthusiasm for gas as an instrument of colonial control but the British cabinet was reluctant to sanction the use of a weapon that had caused such misery and revulsion in the First World War.

Churchill himself was keen to argue that gas, fired from ground-based guns or dropped from aircraft, would cause *only discomfort or illness, but not death* to dissident tribespeople; but his optimistic view of the effects of gas were mistaken. It was likely that the suggested gas would permanently damage eyesight and *kill children and sickly persons, more especially as the people against whom we intend to use it have no medical knowledge with which to supply antidotes.*

Churchill remained unimpressed by such considerations, arguing that the use of gas, a *scientific expedient,* should not be prevented *by the prejudices of those who do not think clearly*. In the event, gas was used against the Iraqi rebels with excellent moral effect* though gas shells were not dropped from aircraft because of practical difficulties.

I don't know if you ever read this but it does support your argument about eating less meat http://www.un.org also I have a blog that you may find interesting. The Q&A would not be any interest to you.That is for my guests, I have a B&B in NYC. http://www.sugarhillharleminn.com/labels/Observations.html Thank you, Jeremy Archer Sugar Hill Harlem Inn 460 West 141 St New York, NY 10031

I once read an article about: The Poison of Unforgiving Heart. It was a great article too and whether the person who wrote it is a Catholic, a Jewish or a Muslim I really don't care. One thing I'm sure of is that all wars and disputations around us are caused by intolerance and hatred. I am of the opinion that we can change anything depending on the desires of our heart. We may not change the whole world but we can definitely change a part of where we live in... or we can change ourselves for the better. Julius

On one of trips to Costa Rica we stopped at a small village called Perialta on the banks of a beautiful rushing river. There we were introduced to an edlerly man living in a tin shack with very few of the creature comforts that rule our lifes back home. I believe he was the happiest man I have ever encoutered. His cow had recently given birth to twin calfs.

This man's beaming smile was infectious as he proudly showed off his prized livestock which were virtually his only possesions, but which insured his continued survival. I've been taught that someday the meek shall inherit the Earth. I think they already have. Those of us with our lifes so cluttered with meaningless possesions and false pride will never know the kind of happiness I witnessed on the River that day.

I don't know much about God, but I'm pretty sure whoever/whatever, he/she wants us to be happy and above all else to love one another. I also know that when you smile I can see God in you, When you are angry I see something very different.

I enjoyed your letter on tolerance. Chuck.

Thank you. Please keep me on your list. Happy New Moon! I feel like something is calling me to Costa Rica. I am interested in any thoughts, inlcuding opinions on the metero stone, Moldavite. The draw was exemely strong last May, the third week in May, 2006 in fact, but I was unable to get there at that time. That's all for now! But I hope to have time to read your letter indepth, and repsond over the holidays. Pura Vida, Feliz Navidad.

Hello, My name is Ann, I am from the United States. I am Christian. I do not believe that all people of any religion are intolerant. It just seems that way because of war. There are many Americans that do not believe in our involvement in Iraq. Other Americans have children that are soldiers and fighting in Iraq. They do not want to have their son or daughter believe they do not support what they are doing.

I lived through the Viet Nam War. I was what they would have called a "Dove". Over the summer after graduating from high school, I met a man that was a soldier in the US Special Forces. I married that man. He had signed up to fight in Viet Nam when he was 18. Life was terrible for him at home so he made this choice to escape. He was 20 when I married him and was very much wishing he had not joined the Army. But he had, and had worked very hard to be a member of what is known as the Green Berets.

He received orders to go to Viet Nam. After much ado, there was no way of getting out of the situation, unless we went to Canada. We didn't do this. He went to Viet Nam and while he was there I would send him tapes of anti-war music and pictures of me making the peace sign. He came home on leave and wanted to re-up for $10,000. I convinced him that his life was worth far more than $10,000 to me. He went back to Viet Nam and was assigned Guard Duty for the remainder of his time there.

He did that rather than go on missions because I had convinced him to get out of the service at the end of his term which was in a few months. No, he did not die in Viet Nam. By then most people in the US were against the war and we finally did pull out. He came back a very different person. His being in Viet Nam was a countries political choice just as the US involvement in Iraq is a political choice.

The irony of the Iraq situation and Afghanistan situation was the motivation of the September 11th terrorists acts against the US. Why kill more people? So many of us have lived without fear all our lives that a terrorist act against our country is still unbelievable and yet it is still right there in our minds seeing the planes crash into the World Trade towers. All people should be more than tolerated by each other. It is fear and hatred that poison us against each other.

I believe the only hope for the future of our world is reform that recognizes the value of all. How ironic for me, a US citizen to be saying this!. Am I proud of my countries aggression, use of food, oil, etc.that would support the world? No. I am just one of many people here that have no voice in our government due to big business and politics. There is so much need for change in our world. Will there ever be a time when our leaders and leaders of the world are not in their positions for power?

T his is all so true, but people do not change over night and sometimes never. Religion is a funny thing and I have found people use it with their own meanings to meet their needs at the time. I believe you answer to one God and there is no one here on this earth that should judge another about anything.

Love and Life are personal.


Thank you for speaking out. we must find better ways to solve problems and to be together as a human family. As a retired social worker, I too believe that education of children and adults is vital.
Gloria Taylor, PO Box 129, Playa Cacao, contiguo A Siete Mares, Golfito, Costa Rica.

Thank you, it is easy to dream in a neutral country, it is even easier when that country is the Garden of Eden.........

My Dear friend. There are many stories about many religions, and political leaders. People hate each others religion, cast, creed and country. I am travelling around the world and wherever I go there is great respect for Catholics, Catholic Schools, Institutions, Hospitals and Universities.

I am originally from India, by birth Roman Catholic and I was told our great Grand father converted from Indian Brahmin Hindu Religion to Catholic. He was Sarapanch (like Mayor of that region) and commanding all people what to do and what not do. Also those days, he was anti- British and some of British leaders were forcing him to convert protestant. He was stubborn and protecting his Hindu religion. Later on Portuguese Catholic arrived along with some Irish Catholic Priests, developed cities, schools and started giving good education, roads, small, small nursing homes. Then he started asking one Irish Catholic Priest about Catholic and what is different between British Protestant and Roman Catholic. This old Catholic Priest told him , all three are same human being.

We both believe in Jesus Christ i.e. British and Irish Catholic. It's all people, how they believe. He was not satisfied with father's reply. He called a Priest to attend his pooja i.e. prayers and an Irish priest attended his pooja and then he asked my Father, how he says his prayers. Father told him, come and attend our pooja i.e. next day morning mass. He went and attended the Church service and on his way back, he felt some thing different and asked his wife , that he is going to accept Catholic Religion. His wife and children happily joined him. Looking at him, half of his town accepted Catholic religion. Don't you think this was a mystery?

We grew up happily and my Cousin, Dad's eldest brother son joined priesthood. They were very rich. His father i.e. my Dad's eldest brother was working in a Kuwait Oil Company as Purchase Manager in Middle East. Those days i.e. 25 years back, he had car, big Mansion, Boat etc. He was like one big British living in India. I can say like a King. He used to come from Kuwait and so down trodden country like India, he was smoking Pipe, having luxurious life. People used to respect him like anything. His eldest son was very smart.

After completion of his school, the eldest son told father, he wanted to join Priest i.e. Jesuit Priest. Our whole family was shocked. I was very small and I remember the words what my mother used to say. "Jesus called him to serve him. Whenever he calls, he calls anyone whether rich or poor and she also told us one day, he is going to be very great priest". Till then, I was thinking Priests are from very poor family. Believe me or not, today he is outstanding Jesuit Priest, donated lot of his personal assets and become Regional Provincial of South East Asia. Fr. Hector D'Souza.

I came to Gulf, Dubai and after working in reputed shipping company, started my own business. 1999 December, I migrated to USA. Because, this is the country I wanted to settle down and I am very happy and thankful to God. People are talking all stories, but in my case, whenever to Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, all my prayers have been granted. It worked like miracle in my life. Today I am happy to be a Catholic and all my wishes come thru, because of my belief and prayers.

So whatever you believe, you are loosing hopes or people misguiding, just a small, simple prayer to Jesus or Mother Mary. Believe in your prayers. There was one saying of Mother Theresa, " if God is with you, no one is against you". Give a try.

Best wishes, Milton D'Souza, EMPIRE Container Line, Inc, 1375 East Linden Avenue, Linden , New Jersey - 07036 - U.S.A

En vista de que lo último que se pierde es la esperanza, como dice muy acertadamente el comentario del Sr. Malek deseo darles las gracias por permitirnos participar en esta promoción de free vacations a través de esta su excelente página de Internet. Dios les bendiga con sabiduría y abundante prosperidad en todo lo que hagan.

Carlos Hernández

Hallo liebes Team und natürlich auch Jörn!
Ich lese regelmäßig euren Newsletter und finde es gut das Ihr euch auch um die Umwelt und um arme Menschen kümmert. Ich bin bei BOS etwas engagiert und würde mich freuen wenn Ihr euch auch mal diese Seite anschaut. Es geht um den Regenwald von Borneo und die dortlebenden Tiere und auch natürlich Menschen.

Die Fußball Wm ist leider schon lang vorbei, jedoch war es hier in Berlin die schönsten 4 Wochen die ich je erlebt hatte Habe ja auch einen netten Florida Boy kennengelernt dem ich immer noch 3 mal wöchentlich schreibe und auch im Oktober dort zu Besuch war. Aber mehr wird es wohl leider nicht. Ich will immer noch auswandern oder zumindest mal für 1 Jahr woanders leben. Nun gut ich träume halt weiter mit menen 43 Jahren. Ich hoffe das es Dir Jörn und deiner Famile gut geht und die Geschäfte gut laufen aber Costa Rica ist ja immer noch sehr beliebt und immer noch eines meiner Traumländer, hoffe das ich vielleicht im nächsten Jahr nochmal dorthin kommen kann. Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie ein schönes ruhiges Weihnachtsfest und ein gesundes neues Jahr. Liebe Grüße, Petra Erbe aus dem hektischen Deutschland

Keep up the good work! just remember, most people do not read and do not click. (another piece of sad news). Short, sweet and direct gets it (if it's lucky) in this over-stimulating world! 5 sharp bullets, my friend likes to say. Keep fighting the good fight. I loved my trip to CR. Your website is great! And your team did a nice thing for me. Will be in touch!

Joern -
I am a criminal defense attorney in Tucson, Arizona. I did some research that showed that there are approximately 250,000 deaths a year from alcohol and alcohol related illnesses. Add to this approximately 300,000 deaths a year attribitable to nicotine related illnesses such as lung cancer, emphysema, etc. The total deaths from all illegal drugs combined is about 2500. Keep up the good work.

Tom Higgins

You make some great points ; The trouble in USA today is people are not checking facts for themselves; I have always been struck by how thoughtful your articles are.

Una muestra al mundo de lo que es nuestro país. Los felicito. Para mi objetivo de promocionar el café de Costa Rica, es importante contar con su autorización, para enviar una ideal a Europa de nuetra tierra y sus bellezas. Gracias. Pedro Llubere.

Dear Jörn,
Well Said! I think you are right to criticise religion! It's high time someone said these things. As surely as the environment would be improved if pollution was reduced, the world would be improved if religion was reduced. Someone on tv said recently "Religion is the Root of All Evil".

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the article Joern. Yes as long as we have hope, we will continue struggling. Do you live in Costa Rica and if you do, where?? I grew up in Costa Rica. My family still lives there most of them in Escazú. We are 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My father is still alive (92) by now has 14 grand children and 21 great grand children. And by the way, I love music that gives me a message. Something to learn about and at the same time to enjoy.

So many good songs... I love Bob Dylan and his songs sang by Joan Baez, one of my favorites for ever and ever since I am 16 years old. So many Spanish songs that I wish English speaking people living in Panama could someday understand:

Joaquín Sabina (Spanish)
Joan Manuel Serrat (Spanish)
Ricardo Aute (Spanish)
Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)
Mercedes Sosa (Argentina)
Atahulapa Yupanki (Argentina)
Victor Manuel and Ana Belen (Spanish)

And also the famous Leon Gieco, (known as the Argentinian Bob Dylan) writing his songs, playing them on guitar while singing, and at the same time playing the harmonica. All at once.
 Leon Gieco, known as the Argentinian Bob Dylan
More or less the translation of one of his songs SOLO LE PIDO A DIOS.

Only I ask God
that pain to me be not indifferent,
that the very dry death does not find me
empty and alone without having done enough

Only I ask God
that the war to me be not indifferent,
its a big monster and treads really hard
the whole poor innocence of the people.

Only I ask God
that the future to me be not indifferent,
evicted is the one that is forced to go
to live away a different culture.
etc. etc.

So many marvelous Latin American and Spanish composers that put their messages into music, and what great messages.
Best regards, Frauke

Hola Jorn,

Iread your philosophy and noted several parallels between my own, especially as it pertains to views on religion. What a scam and what a tremendous excuse to kill millions of people over the ages! However, I think that I left religion behind when I was barely a teenager many years ago. A poem that I published in my high school magazine in 1964 when I was a 15 year old freshman might make this point clearer….

The Fools (S. J. Schoech)

If man himself would realize
and see with his own blinded eyes
That he is utmost on our good earth
Yet people keep me filled with mirth
With their calls for prayer to an almighty god

This god of theirs he is naught
Yet the church has not been caught
For stealing from people much of their coin
While eating of the choice of the loin
While they the blind people stumble on, the fools

I never cease to be amazed at how many people believe in fairies and other invisible entities! Especially in my country….it’s as if they’ve given up the use of their brains as a result of massive brainwashing that begins at a very early age. It wouldn’t be so bad but I think that by allowing oneself to believe in these fairy tales told by the churches that giving up rationale thought in other arenas also occurs and this bleeds into many of today’s issues. Again, living in my country at the time of GW Bush has altered my view of reality and has, while difficult, made me even more skeptical about the race of which I’m a member.

Keep on keeping on and peace to you….Steve S

Stephan J. Schoech
Associate Professor &
Graduate Studies Coordinator
Department of Biology
University of Memphis
3700 Walker Ave.
Memphis, TN 38152

Dear Jorn,
I could not pass the opportunity to compliment you on your essay, My Philosophy/A Message Of Peace. I was blown away by your insights and beliefs. Your idealistic resolutions that addressed Love, The Family, Precious Time, Relations, Marriage and Health were simply priceless!

Basically, I wanted you to know my feelings toward all three of your writings...Tolerance, Love and the above Message Of Peace. I find it important and ironic that your early life and formidable years were completely the opposite of mine. I was born into a loving and caring protestant family. In my father's later years he became an ordained minister in our church and he and my mother felt a calling to minister to the down and out, homeless and hopeless men and women who occupied a very large and dangerous skid row area of our city. Rain or shine, sick or tired, they made a 40 mile round trip every Saturday night for over 25 years to open a small and humble mission and deliver a message of love, compassion and hope to these people who had been dealt a loosing hand, and had sunk to the lowest levels of life....they helped change thousands of lives.This only scratches the surface of my formidable years. (Actually Jorn a wrote 4 full pages trying to explain why I believe in God. Much of it I cannot explain, however I was surrounded in my life by common yet strong and exceptional people who oozed of godliness through example not "say so".The length of my explanation would have made this more acceptable and smoothly covered events and experiences that validated my faith and belief, but was totally unacceptable).

In spite of our different lives, and my strong belief in God, I feel the same about religion, churches, clerics and politics, wars and suffering in the name of God, the church and what is right and good, as you do! I abhor, hypocrisy, wars and terrorist who create death and suffering in the name of religion as well as trusted men of God who abuse small children and on and on. Our feelings are the same regarding the written word and what many consider the holy word of God or Ala or any other higher power...They are modified, interpreted and victims to scribes, priests and disciples who were able to add and embellish the original word due to the limitations to keeping records by hand and total lack of publishing as we know it.
This also includes modern day self proclaimed disciples such as the Mormons and several isms around the world.

In closing, your resolutions that you have set forth as a path to happiness are deep, insightful, thoughtful and tender. They make up a wonderful model that reflects deep love and concern for others as well as yourself. In turn they address fairplay to others and striving to better ones self through awareness to nature and what we eat and how it may have been grown. At the same time you realize and appreciate the gift that we often overlook and take for granted...time...precious, unyielding and priceless. No matter our wealth or station in life we are unable to buy a second of additional time then is measured for us. Amazingly Jorn, most of these wonderful and admirable goals are the qualities I grew up with. Many are simply Christian ideals...Yours broad list of resolutions is just wonderful and should serve as a serious model for any responsible and caring human being to strive for. I am impressed and proud of you. You are a certainly a special man.

I want to leave you with a final comment regarding my belief in God:
I admit to being human. Compared to the wonders of the universe, nature, or our own bodies, I am tiny, weak, limited in knowledge and skills. In human terms, I am somewhat successful, but not wealthy by any means. I am capable of loving and caring for others. I (we) also make all types of mistakes every day. That includes the most prestigious and famous people on earth...Presidents, Royalty, CEOs and our exalted stars of theater and sports just to name a few of the millions who make a myriad of mistakes each day...we are human...amazing, but limited. The list of things we can't do is endless. Even common human things... as example, I cannot play the piano, walk a tightwire, calculate the path and trajectory to send a rocket to the moon and back to earth or construct a high rise building and certainly, I cannot spread my arms and fly away and a billion other simple things I (we) cannot do.

To really bring a focus to our limitations in the face of all the creation around us, and in spite of amazing gains in technology none of us can even create the most lowly weed or plant at the side of the road. Consider the seeds that it produces. Each tiny seed is equipped with a full range of genetics information, capable of reproducing itself with all the characteristics of the former plant...What about a tree, a bird an insect or animal or even a human body...we as humans are helpless to create any of these things and the utterly unbelievably complex systems that give them life and function. We also make stupid mistakes regularly...Now based on any of the above, undeniable truths, how can any human think they are capable with their finite minds and flawed judgments, to make a decision that there is no God or higher power??...or even a hereafter that could last an eternity. Proof is all around you even if you have never experienced a personal relationship with God.

Personally, I am not willing to bet on eternity with the limitations we as humans have been given...I only have to look around me at the magic some other power has created to make me a believer.

Once again I thank you Jorn for your writings, I appreciate you clear down there in beautiful Costa Rica. I further appreciate and enjoy your on-line photos that allow us a peek at you, your lovely Angela and handsome family. It is a warm addition that personalizes your site and customer connection.

Royce Tuter
Rancho Cordova, CA USA

Hello - I do not know how I got on your email list, but I could not resist responding to your personal philosophy statement. It is beautiful in many ways, but I believe limited in one major way - your application of "love" to people you select to spend your time with. My experience with trying to maintain a feeling of love for anyone I encounter in my daily life has brought me many pleasant surprises, often in my own and/or the other person's ability to be accepting and more loving in return.

Todo es muy interesante, ojalá pudiéramos practicar tu filosofía en nuestras vidas. Me esforzaré por hacerlo...
Gracias y que tengas un buen dia también.

In the 16th and 17th century, the principal religions of Britain--Anglicans, Catholics, Presbyterians, and Puritans were all united behind one common principle: the other religions shoud be banned and their adherants given a choice of converting or being tortured to death.

Phillip Good


Iread your intro to your philosophy, and the philosophy itself. You sound like a very thoughtful and loving person. You haven't gone to opposite extremes, which is good. I myself went on spiritual quests after leaving home, and feel that no organized religion has the answers to everything. One group that did very much intrigue me was the Science of Mind (not Scientology or Christian Science, this is different). This was a philosophy begun in the 1930s by Ernest Holmes. They respect all religions and preach much tolerance, and their main idea is, change your way of thinking, change your life. If you're interested you can go to www.scienceofmind.com

That said, I still feel that we all must search for meaning on an individual basis, and rarely can just "accept" other's spiritual results. But I agree with you that it is true that morality is important, respect for others... the churches have tried to instill this but they seem more or less powerless to do this anymore, or so it seems. Perhaps in the end we must all take responsibility for being moral and instilling such behavior in others, by example.

God bless.. btw my boyfriend and I visited Costa Rica in 2004, so lovely!

Dear Jörn,

Thank you so much for your recent emails. It warms my soul to see an individual integrate a vision for this weary world of tolerance, love and happiness at the forefront of his emails and website. I really appreciate your using your contacts, your opportunities to be in communication with others, to share wisdom on these concerns. I'm not sure how I got on your mailing list, but I much appreciate your emails!

Alex Thayer
Plainfield, Vermont USA

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. -- President Dwight D. Eisenhower, April 16, 1953

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love. -- Marc Chagall

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. -- The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall - think of it, always. - Gandhi

Dear Jörn,

Bonnie and I just returned from Reno, Nevada (her family lives there). We were thrilled to find your personal letter to us. You probably should know that it made us cry also. We know you are very busy and do not expect a personal response if we should write you. HOWEVER...........having said that, we were so glad to hear from you and become very emotional as we read your letter. Your openness made us feel like long time friends. Thank you.

No one ever promised that life would be easy, but I always hate to hear of persons who cheat and steal from their close friends. That includes spouses. Unfortunately, both Bonnie and I have been victims of this very humiliating form of violation. I really think that sometimes an upper power allows a certain pattern of events to enter our lives to better understand, recognize and appreciate when the real thing comes along......life never sets us completely free from negative events or situations, but it sounds like you have finally found the answer to some long overdue happiness...a loving, helpful wife, a beautiful family, a successful business, people that surround you who care and respect you as well as a huge following of people, like myself and Bonnie from all over the world who love your work and respect your opinions....and finally, knowing a little of your difficult pre Costa Rica life and your more recent difficulties, we want to shout a long and loud BRAVO to a very special man who has found his way to a very special place. We wish you and yours a great 2006
Royce and Bonnie Tuter
California, USA
January 2006

In closing, we wanted to toss in a few photos of us in Costa Rica. They are not special or spectacular in themselves, just us enjoying your charming and beautiful country. (our whole presentation of is over 600 slides taken in 6 of your 7 provinces and it is gorgeous and very special to us).
There are 7 each here as follows:

Bonnie near the dining room/bar of the Laguna Lodge in Tortuguera.
Royce at the Laguna Lodge.
Royce in the garden at the Restaurant Selva Tropical as we headed towards Limon.
Royce and Bonnie in the park in front of the church at Grecia.
Bonnie at the National Museum in San Jose.
Royce at the Nation Museum.
Lastly, our fantastic guide, Wendy Rodriquez and her daughter Julisa at our last night farewell dinner.

Thank you for this message. It is beautiful. Unfortunately, too often people don't realize the beauty of love. And from the costa rica website, that is classic, since my heart is for costa rica. It is absolute paradise! happy new year to you also!
Elizabeth Parsons

From: "Jörn Malek"
To: eli....
Subject: Love (newsletter)
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 19:47:13 -0600


Your very open and candid Ode to Love was refreshing as well as touching and thought provoking. Your long winding journey that finds you happy today was often difficult, lonely and painful. Your quest for that peace and happiness of a loving and warm wife and family was a global search that covered many lands and cultures. Now we find you living and finding the love you longed for in Costa Rica. An amazing journey...especially when coupled with your thoughts and personal accounts on Tolerance...most of us find our peace and love much easier then you.

Bonnie and I thank you for sharing your thoughts. Many of them hit home. Both she and I have had previous marriages. (I for 24 yrs. with 2 sons and Bonnie for 10 abusive yrs with no children). Much of what you say about hurt and loneliness and the quest for love is very familiar to us. We have now been married for 16 of the happiest years of our lives.

Your story should serve as an inspiration to all who despair in matters of the heart. We were also delighted to see the photo of you, your lovely wife and two of you beautiful children. It allows us to finally put a face on what we read about your very special corner of the world!

Royce and Bonnie Tuter
California, USA

Thanks for the message you wrote on love. It is an excellent expose on your life's experiences, which give us the WISDOM to avoid making those same mistakes you mentioned over and over. Keep up the great work and best wishes in 2006!!

General Manager
Caribbean Costaricans Tour Operator
Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Thank you Jorn - it is a message that warms the heart. I have forwarded your e-mail to several people as an example of the "heart of the Costa Rican people" that we encountered on our visit there.

We hope you had a very good year and the future will bring even better.

Nan and Don Harvey

Jörn, that was a very nice peace you wrote.
My father come from a Jewish background and my Mother from a catholic background, I appreciated your thoughts.

I work Amnesty International in human rights in the Americas team and I see so many people behaving horrible just because they do not understand the other person. I see discrimination and I see people who has suffer discrimination , discriminate against another person, of course that is what made us humans, but we all work for human rights.

The Gay and Lesbian population in the Americas is a population that always discriminate by even Human Rights defenders.

Thanks again

Daniel Soto
Amnesty International
The American Team

Thanks for all your "cards and letters".  It makes all these things I learned during my life worth writing about it and gives me hope to make a difference here and there. Jörn Malek and all the staff of Discovery Travel World, S.A.